Creative Ideas for a Stunning Patio Garden

Creative Ideas for a Stunning Patio Garden – Your Vertical Garden

There’s no need to be envious of those with big backyard gardens. All you need is a balcony or porch to start your own vertical patio garden.

When You Should Use a CFL Grow Light for Your Indoor...

Whether you’ve created a garden in your home or want to start seedlings for springtime, a CFL grow light can help you reach your gardening goals.
Rooting Hormone — What Is It and When Should I Use It

Rooting Hormone: What Is It and When to Use It?

New gardeners often find themselves thrilled to learn additional ways to add new plants to their vertical gardens. And rooting hormone can help you...

Everything You Need For The Perfect Summer Garden

Vertical summer gardens are a great way to enjoy the colors, textures, and shapes seen in plant life. Here's what you need for your summer garden!
growing plants indoors

Growing Plants Indoors: Transform Your Home Into Miniature Greenhouse

The practice of growing plants indoors goes back to ancient times. Researchers have found remnants of flowers and other plants inside Pompeiian terra cotta...

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