5 Best Loppers to Keep Your Garden Under Control

We’re pretty sure that if pruning shears could talk, they’d say, “We’re too small to cut through sizeable twigs and branches, use the best...
garden hose sprayer

The zero-G Hose Reviewed: Is This Your Best Hope for a...

Lugging around a heavy tangled hose is one of the worst parts of gardening, so if you know about the zero-G hose, you might...

Scotts Green Max Lawn Food: Is It Worth the Money?

Sometimes, you just have to green up your lawn. And you have to do it fast. Luckily, there are several products on the market...
miracle grow fertilizer

Miracle Gro Fertilizer for Your Healthy Vertical Garden

Fertilizing is an important part of maintaining a happy garden. But is Miracle-Gro Fertilizer really the best? Your Vertical Garden finds out!
vertical garden with Garden Accessories

Garden Accessories That Every Gardener Will Love

Now that you’re ready to start your vertical garden, check out these garden accessories that will make the job easier and your garden more productive.

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