Your Vertical Garden

garden pests

Why Garden Pests and Vertical Gardens Don’t Mix

It's nearly harvest time, which means many gardeners are dealing with garden pests. These animals and bugs come out of the woodwork to take...
how to make a worm farm

The Ultimate Guide: How to Make a Worm Farm from Scratch

Why invest in an expensive store-bought worm farm when you can learn how to make a worm farm yourself? It's basic stuff, but the...
vertical garden indoor

The Best 5 Gal Bucket For Vertical Gardening

Using five-gallon bucket containers (also written as 5 gal bucket) for vertical gardening has grown in popularity over the past couple of decades. The...
Photo of seed starter kit in pots

Seed Starter Kit: Our Comprehensive Guide

As many already know, growing your own plants from a single seed is a rewarding and economical way to a healthy garden. Using a...
raised vegetable garden beds garden-raised-bed-bed-plant

Why Raised Vegetable Garden Beds Are a Great Choice

Raised vegetable beds have a number of advantages over planting your vegetable garden directly into the ground. And many homeowners find them more attractive....

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