Your Vertical Garden

grow box

Set Up The Perfect Grow Box With These Seven Tips!

Admit it. You're lazy. Why else would you be trying to set up your own grow box? You hate weeding, continually monitoring your garden,...
different flowers

Make Your Garden Blossom To Life: The Ultimate Guide To Annual...

For those of you who live in a winter wonderland, there is nothing more exciting than watching the first buds of spring come to...
coffee grounds in the garden

The Benefits of Using Coffee Grounds in the Garden

If you’ve started on a gardening journey, then you’ve probably heard you can use coffee grounds in the garden. Read on to find out exactly how.
vertical garden

Finding the Best Grow Tower for Vertical Gardening

The sky is the limit with gardening in a grow tower. Even those with a brown thumb can get started with ease. Here are some of the best models.
growing plants indoors

Growing Plants Indoors: Transform Your Home Into Miniature Greenhouse

The practice of growing plants indoors goes back to ancient times. Researchers have found remnants of flowers and other plants inside Pompeiian terra cotta...

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