Your Vertical Garden

vertical garden planter with flowers

Getting Your Vertical Garden Started: Tips and Tricks

A blank wall is like a canvas, and what better way to color your world than to get your very own vertical garden started!...

Why You Need a Gardening Hat and Other Protective Gear

Many people see a gardening hat as useful only to keep the sun out of their eyes...
coffee grounds in the garden

The Benefits of Using Coffee Grounds in the Garden

If you’ve started on a gardening journey, then you’ve probably heard you can use coffee grounds in the garden. Read on to find out exactly how.
grow box

Set Up The Perfect Grow Box With These Seven Tips!

Admit it. You're lazy. Why else would you be trying to set up your own grow box? You hate weeding, continually monitoring your garden,...
Photo of seed starter kit in pots

Seed Starter Kit: Our Comprehensive Guide

As many already know, growing your own plants from a single seed is a rewarding and economical way to a healthy garden. Using a...

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