Your Vertical Garden

9 Vertical Garden Bed Ideas to Take Your Garden to a...

Home gardening is a great way to improve your home, save some money and take up a fun new hobby. Not only does growing...
vertical garden

Finding the Best Grow Tower for Vertical Gardening

The sky is the limit with gardening in a grow tower. Even those with a brown thumb can get started with ease. Here are some of the best models.
coffee grounds in the garden

The Benefits of Using Coffee Grounds in the Garden

If you’ve started on a gardening journey, then you’ve probably heard you can use coffee grounds in the garden. Read on to find out exactly how.
plant labels

Plant Labels: Do I Really Need Them?

Do you remember your first crush? We all do, you probably wanted to know their name, where they worked, and what they did. Well,...
vertical garden indoor

The Best 5 Gal Bucket For Vertical Gardening

Using five-gallon bucket containers (also written as 5 gal bucket) for vertical gardening has grown in popularity over the past couple of decades. The...

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