9 Vertical Garden Bed Ideas to Take Your Garden to a New Level

Home gardening is a great way to improve your home, save some money and take up a fun new hobby. Not only does growing your plants and food allow you to avoid hitting up the store while providing the freshest produce, but it’s also hard to beat waking up to the sights and smells of a garden outside your home. The best garden bed ideas are those who utilize the spaces available to you most efficiently to maximize what you can grow. Garden beds are the solution for many gardeners, as they allow for efficient use of smaller spaces.

What’s a Garden Bed

Raised bed gardening takes advantage of elevated planting boxes to keep your garden manageable. Instead of planting directly into the ground, plants are laid in elevated beds of soil. The beds make it easy to maintain pathways and prevent people from walking on the soil around the plants causing it to compact. An elevated bed is also easier to maintain proper drainage because they are less susceptible to flooding or increased rain.

Why Choose a Vertical Garden Bed?

Vertical garden beds are just what they sound like, a garden bed that goes up more than it goes out. There are many types of vertical gardens, but they all share one thing in common — they all extend high above the ground. Some of the best garden bed ideas include vertical gardens because there are many perks provided by vertical gardens.

They Don’t Take Up a Lot of Space

Just because a smaller footprint is the most obvious benefit of a vertical garden doesn’t mean it’s not still a great perk. Whether you live in the city and only have a balcony to grow on, or want to get the absolute most out of the available space in your yard or greenhouse, a vertical garden allows you to get the most bang for your buck. The best garden bed ideas are the ones that make the best of your personal situation. If you’re working with limited space, a vertical garden is the way to go.

They’re Great for the Environment

Growing a vertical garden on a wall is a fantastic way to make the air around your home cleaner. Plants are a natural filter for carbon dioxide so turning a blank space into a garden is an instant purification for your home. You can’t put a price on breathing comfortably, so a vertical garden is a valuable resource on any home.

Increased Crop Production

A vertical garden isn’t just one of the best garden bed ideas for plants, but it’s also great for crops. When it comes to produce, the more you can grow the more you can eat or sell. With a multi-tiered vertical garden consisting of multiple beds or a walled garden for a climbing vegetable, you generate the most possible produce for your garden space. If you have limited planting area but still love fresh vegetables with your meals, a vertical garden has you covered.

Vertical Garden Bed Basics

The great thing about vertical gardens is there is no one correct way to do it. There’s no shortage of vertical garden bed ideas available, so you need to find the right match. A vertical garden needs to be maintained, just like a standard garden.

There are a few basic tips to keep in mind when deciding on and maintaining a vertical garden:

Choose plants suited for your location

Every plant thrives under different conditions. When shopping for plants to grow in your garden, keep an eye on what each plant needs, and be sure to choose plants that can get what they require to thrive where your garden will be. Talk to a store employee about the best options if you are unsure.

Match your plants and receptacles

If you purchase plants that require deep roots to succeed then try to plant them in a shallow, hanging garden bed, you’re setting yourself up for failure. The lack of growth will kill off your plants before they can bloom and prosper. Make sure that you select plants well-suited for the type of planter you are using.

Monitor sunlight and water

Although we all know that plants need water and sunlight to survive, too much can be a problem for some plants. Understanding your plants’ needs is vital. If your plants are getting too little water, they may need to be watered by hand, while plants receiving an excess of rainwater or sun may need additional protection to keep them safe from disaster.

Prune excess growth

The best garden ideas with the best plants aren’t enough to guarantee success. Leaving your plants to grow at will can lead to some plants denying others what they need to survive. If you have a plant that is growing down or up over other plantings, it’s important to trim it back. Dead leaves and stems should also be removed to maintain plant health.

The 9 Best Garden Bed Ideas

Vertical gardening provides many advantages. One of those is the variety. Vertical gardens provide ample opportunity for you to experiment and put a personal stamp on your home garden. To find the best home garden for you, first, choose a style then build from there.

Hanging Garden Bed Ideas

Hanging gardens utilize multiple tiers of hanging plants to allow you to plant as many beds as possible. The hanging vessels come in many forms, and can also be displayed in many ways. From a standard look with ropes to an industrial style with chains, choose a design to match your personal flair.

The most conventional route to creating a beautiful and bountiful garden is hanging flower pots. Each pot can be individually strung up or hung together through a single support like a wood beam with holes cut out. Some designs include tiers of hanging beds. An entire bed of soil and plants is suspended from the ends.

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Vertical gardeners are not bound by conventional potting methods, however. A row of burlap sacks or recycled soda bottles makes for a unique and eye-catching hanging garden. When space is a concern, you are only limited by your imagination.

Growing Garden Bed Ideas

Growing beds create some of the coolest vertical gardens around, with plants climbing up walls. Different support structures are suited for different climbing gardens, and each has its own look.

A lattice is the simplest way to create a climbing garden. The look of the growth is easily moderated by changing the spacing of the slats in the lattice. For a more compact climbing structure, wire mesh is an excellent choice. The mesh helps to create a full, lush wall of growth.

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Although not the traditional growing associated with wall gardens, succulents make for a great “climbing” option. With a bed of compacted dirt behind narrow wiring, plant your succulents up the entire length of the vertical bed.

Constructed Garden Bed Ideas

Although often more complex in design, constructed vertical gardens can truly dazzle. From simple designs to complex, multi-faceted structures, construction-minded gardeners may be drawn to these beautiful possibilities.

The most straightforward construction design is to re-purpose old pallets. All a gardener needs to do is close off one side of the pallet’s hollow sections to create rows of potential beds.

Building with planter boxes opens the door to stunning creations. Building in a checkerboard pattern, pyramid, or design of the grower’s choice, planter box constructions allow for the planting of deep-rooted plants while still creating a vertical structure.

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An A-Frame wooden ladder provides the base for a unique vertical garden. With planters on each rung, your garden grows up and into a focal point at the top.

Choosing the Right Vertical Garden Bed for You

The incredible thing about vertical gardening is there is no single best solution. The best vertical garden bed ideas for you don’t match the best ideas for someone else. The key to creating a vertical garden bed that is just right is to follow your heart and grow what you love. Your garden bed is for you. Focus on produce if you love to cook and want fresh ingredients. Build a surface for vines to climb if you love the look of a natural wall.

Your best vertical garden is one you love to come home to. When you walk out to see your beautiful plants thriving your only wish will be to have started sooner.

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