The Best Greenhouse for Your Plants


Have you ever seen a greenhouse on television or at a nursery and yearned for one but thought it wasn’t within your reach? Well, that’s not true at all. In fact, you could own the best greenhouse if you really wanted to.

Greenhouses are an awesome addition to any yard. They are like little an oasis right outside of your back door. But there are some things that you need to know before you go out and buy the best greenhouse.

What Is the Best Greenhouse?

The best greenhouse is a makeshift building that you can either build yourself or have someone build for you. This type of structure is typically used for growing plants.

What type of plants? Well, whatever you want.

You can propagate your favorite flowers or even vegetables.

If you want to grow vegetables in cold weather, then you have to choose specific plants that will do well. Vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, peas, and carrots do very well in unheated greenhouses.

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Or if you want to grow some tropical plants in your greenhouse, then you could try venus flytraps, Amazon lilies, roses, or orchids.

Those are just a few options you can start with.

How the best greenhouse works

A greenhouse works by providing heat and light for your plants all year long. For the colder months, you can always add thermal mass or artificial heat to keep your plants in a comfortable environment.

Another great thing about a greenhouse is it traps water inside of it. It is essential for plants to have moisture all year round.

A huge bonus with a greenhouse is it will protect your plants from the weather. We know when it is too cold plants will freeze, and when it is too hot, they will dry out. Having the best greenhouse you can afford will help prevent this from happening.

The YouTube video below is excellent for beginners:

Sizes and structures of greenhouses

The size of a greenhouse varies from a wide range of sizes and shapes. Hobby greenhouses are usually around 8 feet high to 20 feet wide. On the other hand, a commercial greenhouse starts at 20 feet or more.

The three main types of greenhouses are gutter connected, detached, and lean-to.

Places to Buy the Best Greenhouse

You can buy greenhouses at local gardening stores or online.

You will have more options, and you will be able to read what customers think about each product if you buy online.

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How We Reviewed

We relied on both professional and customer reviews for this article. After a significant amount of research, we compiled a list of the top greenhouses that you can buy. These are not the kind of greenhouses that a contractor would come to your house and build, so keep that in mind.

The Best Greenhouse for Your Home

We have made you a list of the best greenhouses for your money. The list is not in any particular order.

Gosunny Deluxe Green House

No products found.

Gosunny makes this greenhouse with two shelves and two windows. The company also send anchors to secure your greenhouse with your purchase. This greenhouse is great for indoors as well as outdoors. The Gosunny Deluxe Greenhouse is 77 inches high by 56 inches wide.

No tools are required to break down or to install this greenhouse. This product also has a PE cover to protect your plants from the weather.

Customers love how easy this greenhouse was to put together, and it is durable. But a few customers say the cover tears very easily.

No products found.

Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

No products found.

Gardman makes a mini 4-tier greenhouse with a polyethylene cover and a door with a zipper to open and close it. The company claims this greenhouse is easy to put together with its tubular steel frame.

The Gardman R687 Greenhouse is 63 inches high by 18 inches wide. If you live in an apartment building with a balcony, or a house with a tiny backyard, this is the greenhouse you want.

Many customers are happy with how lightweight it is and how easy it is to assemble. However, some customers find it a little flimsy.

No products found.

CO-Z Lean-to Greenhouse

No products found.

CO-Z makes this Lean-to greenhouse to be placed next to any type of structure. This greenhouse comes with four ropes, four stakes, plastic connectors, and rust-resistant tubes. This product has easy zipper access for you to be able to get to your plants.

The CO-Z Lean-to Greenhouse is 7 feet high by 6 feet 6 inches wide. Put this one in your backyard, but make sure you have enough space!

Customers love how easy it is to put up and how sturdy it is.

No products found.

Quictent Portable Greenhouse

No products found.

Quictent makes this portable greenhouse with two zipper doors and six exhaust vents. The company provides the customer with a transparent polyethylene cover. You also have a warranty guarantee on each part of this greenhouse.

The Quictent Portable Greenhouse is 6 feet 6 inches high by 6 feet 6 inches wide.

Customers are delighted with how sturdy this greenhouse is made and how great it stood up to winds.

No products found.

Quictent Portable Cloche Mini Greenhouse

No products found.

This Quictent greenhouse is a mini and does not have any shelves — it’s more like a cold frame. It has two zipper doors and a heavy-duty steel frame. This greenhouse can even be placed on a table. The Quictent Portable Cloche Mini Greenhouse is 36 inches high by 71 inches wide.

Many customers love this product. They say it is well made and easy to put together. It’s not a good choice for hotter climates because it retains heat so well.

No products found.

HomGarden Mini Walk-in Greenhouse

No products found.

This mini greenhouse has 2 shelves with 3-tiers. HomGarden provides you with four ropes and four stakes to secure your greenhouse. The company also sends you a reinforced polyethylene cover to help retain the heat.

The company claims no tools are required to assemble this product, and it is easy to put together. The HomGarden Mini Walk-in Greenhouse is 77 inches high by 57 inches wide.

Customers find it easy to assemble and great for their plants.

No products found.

AHOME Mini Pop up Greenhouse

No products found.

AHOME makes this greenhouse easy to install. This greenhouse is great for indoors and outdoors. The AHOME Mini Pop up Greenhouse will completely flatten to be stored anywhere. The AHOME Mini Pop up Greenhouse is 31 inches high by 27 inches wide.

Customers are happy with how great this mini pop up greenhouse is. They say it is very sturdy and has a lot of room.

No products found.

Benefit-USA Multiple Greenhouse

No products found.

Benefit-USA makes a large greenhouse that is easy to set up and is still portable. There are six vents windows and an access door. The company claims this greenhouse is perfect for hot and cold weather. It also has a steel tube frame and a PE grid cover. The BenefitUSA Multiple Size Large Greenhouse is 7 feet high by 7 feet wide.

No products found.

Nova Microdermabrasion 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse

No products found.

Nova Microdermabrasion makes a greenhouse with a door that has a zipper and a PE cloth cover. The company makes the 4-tier shelves with powder-coated tubular steel. This greenhouse is easy to fold up and place into a storage bag.

The Nova Microdermabrasion 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse is 63 inches high by 19 inches wide.

Many customers say this greenhouse is very easy to assemble, and it is a perfect size. Others find that it’s too lightweight.

No products found.

LINLUX Large Portable Walk-in Plant Greenhouse

No products found.

LINLUX makes this large portable greenhouse. The company claims the PE cover has UV protection, frost protection, and ventilation. You will receive two shelves with 3-tiers on each one. The LINLUX Portable Walk-in Plant Greenhouse is 77 inches high by 56 inches wide.

Many of these customers are very pleased with how easy this is to put together.

No products found.

The Best Greenhouse for Your Yard

So, now I bet you are wondering, which is the best greenhouse for your yard? Well, this is a difficult question. It comes down to what shape and size you want and what you are trying to grow.

If you are planning to only use it for one or two pots than a mini greenhouse is the way to go. If you are planning are doing some serious gardening and are going to grow a lot, then a larger greenhouse is best.

Whichever one you choose, you will be helping yourself, and the environment, so it is a win-win.

Do you have a greenhouse? If so, what do you love about it, and was it easy to put up? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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