The zero-G Hose Reviewed: Is This Your Best Hope for a Beautiful Garden

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Lugging around a heavy tangled hose is one of the worst parts of gardening, so if you know about the zero-G hose, you might consider buying it. But before you lay out that kind of cash on anything, you need to know if it works. you also want to know if it’s the best choice to add to your gardening arsenal.

While irrigation systems are a gardener’s best friend, they can usually be pretty pricey. And the DIY kits you can purchase often disappoint. Most of us don’t want to lug around a watering can, either, especially if we have large gardens. So, every gardener and landscape hobbyist needs a good hose.

What Is the zero-G Hose

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The zero-G hose promises to be half the weight of a standard garden hose. This makes it much easier to work with when you’re watering. Best of all, it makes it much easier to deal with when it’s time to put it away. After all, you don’t want someone running over it with the lawnmower.

The zero-G hose features standard-sized couplings to fit any outdoor hose bibb, as well as all of your spray nozzles.

zero-G Hose Features

A lighter hose can only be a great thing, but the zero-G hose has other attributes that set it apart from other brands.


The outer hose features a high-density woven jacket, which protects the inner tube from puncturing or wear.

The manufacturer also claims that it helps the hose glide more smoothly over the lawn so that it won’t tangle or tear.

The “Tru-Flex” inner core is where you’ll find all the action. This inner hose is pliable but sturdy, which makes it easy to coil as well as durable.

The zero-G hose coupling boasts lead-free materials, so your kids can drink safely from the hose. It’s also designed to be easy to grip when you’re attaching or detaching it from your spigot.

zero-G hose specifications

The zero-G hose comes in several standard lengths, including 25-, 50-, 75-, and 100-foot lengths. It also features the following:

  • Standard 5/8-inch inner diameter
  • Over 600 PSI burst rating
  • Flexible down to 35 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Resists crushing up to 3,000 pounds
  • Maximum feed water temperature up to 80 degrees

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How We Reviewed

Our review process was initially simple: I bought one. Yes, I was tired of lugging around ridiculously heavy garden hose that frequently seemed possessed by devils. So, I decided to give the zero-G hose a try a few months ago. Besides my own experience, I looked at other customer feedback to see what they thought of the zero-G as well.

So, What Else Is Out There?

With that said, you’re probably wondering if I ever found the hose of my dreams. It seems pretty trivial, but for dedicated gardeners, our hose is our most critical tool.

But, you’re in luck, because I have two comparable products that may prove the hose of your dreams, as well.

YardSmarter Premium 100 ft Expandable Garden Hose

This extra sturdy hose features a 3750D woven textile cover for durability. Like the zero-G hose, the cover protects it from being damaged when you’re dragging it around the yard.

It features a no-kink design that ensures the water keeps flowing even if it gets tangled.

Best of all, it retracts to a much more manageable length of only 33 feet. When you’re finished watering, turn off the water at the spigot, and empty the hose of any remaining water. It will begin to shrink until it’s much shorter and easy-peasy to stow.

It also comes with a hose sprayer, which is a nice bonus. The hose sprayer is constructed with durable zinc alloy, so it doesn’t crack when you drop it on the ground.

And the icing on the cake is the valve at the end of the hose so you can change out sprayer heads without going back to the spigot to turn off the water.

I’m usually pretty cautious about spending more than a few dollars on unknown brands on Amazon. And I’m not even sure what made me pull the trigger on this one.

While not quite as lightweight as the zero-Go hose, the YardSmarter is easy to use. I love mine.

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Forever Steel Hose

If robots gardened, they’d want one of these shiny steel hoses. This is my second favorite hose.

The Forever Steel Hose is encased in 16mm 304 stainless steel for durability. And it’s still ultralight and easy to use.

It’s pretty flexible, too. The ridged design makes it easy to move around obstacles without kinking or snagging. It also won’t kink or tangle. It’s puncture-proof and UV resistant, which means that it won’t deteriorate if you leave it outside.

A few less-than-glowing reviews point out that it supplies low water pressure. And I can’t argue with that assessment. While the manufacturer claims it’s a 5/8-inch hose, that’s just the connectors. The inner tube is closer to 1/2-inch, which means it can take a long time to finish your watering chores.

Another problem is that the connectors are a bit flimsy and hard to connect to your outdoor spigot. You really have to make sure you line the threads up perfectly to get a leak-free seal.

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The Verdict

Having used all three of these hoses, I feel obligated to warn any buyer against the zero-G hose. While I may have received a subpar model, it seems that so did many other buyers. And considering how expensive these hoses can be, I would recommend against taking the chance.

The Forever Steel hose is excellent for small gardens. With its light weight, even the youngest or oldest gardener in the family can pitch in and help.

For larger jobs, I have to recommend YardSmarter. I get an excellent flow rate from it. And the fact that it’s light, exceedingly flexible, and practically puts itself away when I’m done makes gardening a much greater pleasure than ever before.

Let us know down in the comments which hose you chose or your experience with any of these hoses.

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