Your Vertical Garden

broccoli sprouts

Broccoli Sprouts: Why Should It Be In Your Vertical Garden

You have limited space in your vertical garden, so you have to make every inch count. Thankfully, broccoli sprouts are not only easy to...
what is perlite?

What is Perlite, What It Does and When Will I Need...

You've probably seen perlite at your local garden center, right next to the potting soil. But what is perlite? And when should you actually use it in your garden?
Best LED Grow Light Bulbs

The Best LED Grow Light Bulbs for Vertical Gardening

If you're new to indoor gardening, you’ll find many LED grow light bulbs on the market. But, keep in mind that they may not...
coffee grounds in the garden

The Benefits of Using Coffee Grounds in the Garden

If you’ve started on a gardening journey, then you’ve probably heard you can use coffee grounds in the garden. Read on to find out exactly how.
greenhouse plastic

Greenhouse Plastic: A DIY Guide in Choosing the Best One

Want to take control of growing your own food and flowers? Then you might want to buy some greenhouse plastic and start building.

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